How to Run a Senate Election
It is the responsibility of an outgoing Area Senator to run the election for the vacant seat s/he is leaving in his/her area.


The person running the election should order 4 sets of labels.  This request is made on a Computer Center Request Form and sent to the computer center for processing.  The labels will be returned to your office via campus mail if you indicate this on the request form.

Three sets of labels should be name and address labels for the election population.  There are distinct areas of voting faculty: five academic areas (HPER, Education and Speech Path, Fine Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Math/Science); 08 Voting Professionals, and Part-Time Voting Faculty.  Please be sure you understand who is eligible to vote in your election and indicate the population on the computer center request form.  Bill the printing costs to the Faculty Senate.

One set of address labels contains the address information of the individual running the election.  For example, if J. Groot were running an election, she would order labels which read:
Jacqueline Groot
Advisement & First Yr Prog
Cornish Hall, Room D-311


Nomination forms can be sent to Duplicating and billed to Faculty Senate.  Request that the nomination forms be tri-folded at duplicating so that no campus mail envelopes are necessary.  Place a label with constituent's name on each tri-folded nomination form. Allow seven business days to accept nominations.


Ballot forms are sent to Duplicating and billed to Faculty Senate.  In order to send ballots, a campus mail envelope, a #9 envelope, and a #10 envelope are required for each ballot.
-Place the labels addressed to you in the center of the #10 envelope
-Place one label with the constituent's address in the upper left-hand corner of the #10 envelope
-Place the ballot, the labeled #10 envelope, and the #9 envelope in a campus mail envelope and place the last address label with the constituent's address on the outside.  Be sure the labels on the outside and inside match.  The envelope can then be tucked closed and mailed.

Allow ten business days for return of ballots.

Please note that if a constituent does not follow instructions (i.e. doesn't sign envelope, no return address, etc.) then that ballot is considered invalid and not opened. Invalid results should be included when election results are reported.


Sample Nomination Form

Sample Ballot

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