Professional Writing Faculty

As a comprehensive college in New York's state university system, Cortland places a special emphasis on teaching undergraduates. This might suggest to some that our faculty are not engaged in research, but this is not the case. Instead, it means that we strive for a careful balance between scholarship and teaching that allows us to bring the latest research into the classroom.

This is certainly the case with Professional Writing. A tour of our new media lab will reveal that we are working with the latest new media applications, including Macromedia Director, Dreamweaver, and Flash, and Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Students working with NeoVox encounter leading practices in web-based, international education. Indeed many of our courses provide students opportunities to work with faculty on their research and other projects: writing grants, editing, and designing publications.

As a relatively new program (three years now), we view the assessment and development of our program as a integral part of our intellectual work. We recognize that our field is a developing one. It changes rapidly to meet new economic demands and technological innnovations. As such, we remain committed to providing an education that addresses the latest practices in professional writing while remaining solidly grounded in a liberal arts education and the 26 centuries of rhetorical phiosophy (dating back to Socrates and Plato) on which our teaching is grounded.

Please feel free to contact any of us to discuss our program.

David Franke

Associate Professor: dtfranke at cortland dot edu
Office: 117E Old Main | Phone: 607.753.5945 | homepage

Professor Franke teaches rhetoric, technical writing, and creative nonfiction. Dr. Franke writes poetry and creative nonfiction. His research interests include academic writing and professional development in higher education. He is currently editing a collection of essays on building professional and technical writing programs.

Spring Courses: Rhetoric, Senior Seminar, and Rhetorical Tradition (Graduate)

Victoria Boynton

Associate Professor: boyntonv at cortland dot edu
Office: 113C Old Main | Phone 607.753.2082 | homepage

Professor Boynton teaches creative writing , poetics, and revising and editing. She co-advises the college literary magazine. Boynton's publications include numerous poems and short stories and an edited collection on women and writing. She recently completed editing an encyclopedia of women's autobiography published by Greenwood Press.

Spring Courses: On Sabbatical 2005-2006

Alex Reid

Associate Professor, Director of Professional Writing: reida at cortland dot edu
Office: 115A Old Main | Phone 607.753.2069 | homepage

Professor Reid teaches new media, rhetoric, and creative writing and co-advises the literary magazine with Professor Boynton. He also advises NeoVox, an international student magazine published at Cortland. He studies the cultural effects of new media as well as the relationship between writing, technology, and consciousness. His publications include work appearing in the online journals Kairos and Culture Machine. His book, Writing Technocultures, is under contract with Parlor Press.

Spring Courses: Writing Fiction and Technical Writing

spring Lecturers

Tim Emerson, Lecturer: emersot at cortland dot edu
Office: 111A Old Main | Phone 607.753.2031 | Homepage
Spring Course: Business Writing

Jane Richards, Lecturer: richardsj at cortland dot edu
Office: 117D Old Main | Phone 607.753.2077 | Homepage
Spring Course: Writing Children's LIterature