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Brauer Education Center

Summer Season: May 1 - October 15

The main lodge at Brauer Education Center Located approximately eight miles southwest of Albany, the Robert C. Brauer Memorial Education Center is a modern, rustic log, conference center. Situated on a 33-acre wooded tract of land, Brauer Education Center is open from May through October.

The main lodge features a large stone corner fireplace, that can be used for socials, dining, and instruction. The remaining interior space has a modern, fully equipped kitchen, toilets and bath facilities, and sleeping accommodations. A covered veranda is attached to the south end of this building. The bunkhouse a separate building is a log structure the offers sleeping quarters. There is neither water nor a bathroom in the bunkhouse.

Brauer Education Center is located near the base of the Helderberg escarpment, the dominant natural landscape feature southwest of Albany. About 80 percent of the property is wooded; the remainder is a former meadow exhibiting a moderate to advanced stage of forest encroachment.

The woodland is a mixture of hardwood and conifer. There are also two small marshy wetlands. Fossil-bearing Devonian limestone forms two prominent cliffs and numerous small outcrops on the property.

On the northwestern corner of the Brauer tract, a fossilized small stromotoperoid reef is located on the east side of Old Quarry Road.

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