Fuscoboletinus paluster

(Peck) Pomerleau & A. H. Smith

=Suillus paluster (Peck) Kuntze

=Boletus paluster Peck

=Boletinus paluster (Peck) Peck

=Boletinellus paluster (Peck) Murrill

Photograph by T. J. Baroni 1998

Pileus deep red fibrillose-squamulose, hymenophore radialle arranged and almost lamellate, tubes strongly decurrent, stipe without annulus, yellow at apex, bright red downward, occurring with barches and balsam fir, on decaying conifer logs, in bogs and cedar swamps, etc. Like other bog boletes perhaps a remnant of the ice age with the ability to become saprophytic-lignicolous. It is a beautiful species, one of the smallest in northeastern North America.

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