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Jewish Studies

The  Jewish Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the study of the Jewish people--their history, religion, literature, and culture.

The JST core courses and related electives aim to enhance the student's understanding of Judaism and the variety of Jewish cultural experience. They also foster SUNY Cortland's mission to study and combat prejudice and discrimination. The minor is designed to complement a number of academic majors -- history, political science, sociology, English, philosophy, among many others.

The Jewish Studies program offers diverse courses that Cortland students have deemed meaningful additions to their education. In fact, students are invited to explore their own particular interests by developing topics for Independent Studies. Both the Jewish Studies minor and individual courses are helpful in preparing for careers, whether specialized, such as Jewish education, or wide reaching, such as community relations.

The Jewish Studies Committee of the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies* also sponsors cultural events throughout the academic year. Working together with students of Hillel,* these groups seek to engage and educate the entire Cortland community in diverse aspects of the Jewish experience.


Henry Steck, Political Science
(607) 753-4807
E-mail: steckh@cortland.edu

Ellen Newman, Childhood/Early Childhood Education
(607) 758-5312
E-mail: newmanes@hotmail.com

Academic Co-Coordinator:

Sanford Gutman, History
(607) 753-2065
E-mail: gutmans@cortland.edu

Requirements for the Minor in Jewish Studies

The minor in Jewish Studies consists of 18 hours in required core courses and nine hours of electives. As new courses are developed and approved, they will be included as options under the appropriate category. Special topics courses in related areas offered by a number of departments also may be acceptable. In addition, Jewish Studies offers the opportunity for Directed Study (JST 360), an individualized course of study that may be taken for one to three credits. Waivers or substitutions for certain courses may be made with permission of the Jewish Studies coordinator.

Core Courses

All three courses are required

JST 140: Basic Judaism-------------------------------------------------------------------------3

JST 361/His 361: Jews in the Ancient World-----------------------------------------3

JST/His 460: The Holocaust------------------------------------------------------------------3

Elective Courses

Nine hours are chosen from the following with no more than six hours in history

ANT 312: People of the Middle East-------------------------------------------------------3

JST 250/ENG 250: Introduction to Jewish Authors------------------------------3

JST 329: Topics in Jewish Studies--------------------------------------------------------3

(Topics courses in other disciplines that relate to Jewish Studies may also be considered)

JST 360: Directed Study--------------------------------------------------------------------1- 3

JST 362/HIS 362: Jews in the Middle Ages-----------------------------------------3

JST 460/HIS 460: The Holocaust--------------------------------------------------------3

JST 461/HIS 461: Modern Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict-------------3

POL 456: International Politics in the Middle East-------------------------------3

SOC 352: U.S. Ethnic Identity and Conflict------------------------------------------3

SOC 475: Sociology of Religion------------------------------------------------------------3

Semester or Year Abroad in Israel

Students may complete all or part of the Jewish Studies minor in an accredited Semester or Year Abroad Program in Israel or in other countries with accredited programs. SUNY has accredited programs with Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Cultural Events Sponsored by Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies sponsors diverse cultural events throughout the academic year, including lectures, films, and concerts.

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) is commemorated each year with a special program of music.

Jewish Studies has joined the celebration of Black History Month in presentations and panel discussions by faculty, staff, and students about the complex and too often strained relations between African-American and Jewish communities in America. It also has participated in Womens History Month and has presented an annual Jewish Studies Lecture Series. The anniversary of Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) has also been commemorated.

Temple Brith Sholom

117 Madison Street

Cortland, NY 13045

This synagogue serves SUNY Cortland and the Cortland community. It is only a ten-minute walk from campus, at the corner of Madison and Hamlin Streets. Friday evening services and a Saturday morning service on the first Saturday of each month are held regularly. Services for special holidays are also celebrated. Students from the college are welcome and encouraged to join in all activities. Jewish students have often served as teachers in the synagogue's Sunday and Hebrew school. Many Jewish faculty members serve on the Board of Trustees of Temple Brith Sholom.