SUNY Cortland

Slide the circle left and right to reveal each pair of photos.


Aerial View

Old aerial New aerial

Casey and Smith Towers

Casey and Smith Towers View from Dragon Hall

Student Teaching

Old classroom student teaching Modern classroom student teaching

Walking Downtown

Walking downtown then Walking downtown now

Van Hoesen Hall/Education Building

Vintage Van Hoesen Hall New Education Building

Computer Lab

Old computer lab New computer lab

Memorial Library

Memorial Library then Memorial Library now

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes Spinning class

Bowers Hall

Bowers Hall then Bowers Hall now

Outside Neubig Hall

Outside Neubig Hall then Outside Neubig Hall now


Commencement then Commencement now

Hula Hoops

Hula hooping then Hula hooping now

WSUC Radio Station

WSUC radio station DJs then WSUC radio station DJs now

The Hill

Walking up the hill then Walking up the hill now

Outside of Miller Building

Couple outside Miller Building, then Couple outside Miller Building, now


Vintage Cortaca Modern Cortaca

Residence Hall

Students in a residence hall then Students in a residence hall now

Old Main

Old Main then Old Main Now

Outdoor Studying

Woman studying outside Old Main with a book Woman studying outside Old Main with an iPad