McDermott Nature Trail at Hoxie Gorge
How to Use this Guide

The McDermott Nature Trail at Hoxie Gorge is one mile long, some parts with an uphill climb. There are 38 marked stations on the trail intended to familiarize you with the sights and sounds of this lush nature preserve. You may want to keep your guide close at hand to reference the wealth of information it contains.

As you read through this guide, you will notice that the trail differs considerably during each season. Your experiences in the winter will be much different, but hopefully no less enjoyable, than those in the summer. Because of this, you might want to make notes in your guide about what you saw and refer back to them on your next trip to the nature trail.

path in woodsThere are many sites and sounds on the trail not listed in this guide that may spark your curiosity. More specialized field guides available in local bookstores may help answer your questions. We hope you enjoy your visit and that you will return again.

Thank you for not littering and for remaining on the trails. Although several of the species you will see are edible, for your own safety, please do not pick or eat any plants.