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SUNY General Education Assessment Conference

The Marx Hotel, Syracuse, New York
April 27-28, 2005


The Strengthened Campus-Based Assessment Conference featured presentations by GEAR Group members, nationally-recognized experts on the construction of rubrics and standards for assessing Basic Communication [Written], Critical Thinking [Reasoning], and Mathematics, representatives from testing companies that specialize in the development of normed instruments for assessing student learning outcomes, representatives from the organizations that developed and administer the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), and faculty from across SUNY. Most of these presentations are now available, and are listed below. As indicated, the presentations are either in PDF or PowerPoint (PPT) format. Presentations are listed in the order in which they appeared on the program.


"Benchmarking Effective Educational Practice in Community Colleges: The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (PPT)." Dr. Kay McClenney, Director, Community College Survey of Student Engagement.

"The National Survey of Student Engagement (PDF)." Dr. Jillian Kinzie, Associate Director, Center for Postsecondary Research and NSSE Institute.

"Guidelines for and Implementation of Strengthened Campus-Based Assessment (PPT)." Patricia Francis, Tina Good, and Melanie Vainder, GEAR Group Co-Chairs.

"Developing Rubrics to Assess Writing: Some Principles, Some Models, and Some Promising Directions (PPT)." Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey, Pearce Professor of Professional Communication, Clemson University.

"Assessing SUNY Learning Outcomes with CAAP." David Chadima, Consultant for Postsecondary Assessments, ACT; Robert Ziomek, Director of Education and Workforce Research Services, ACT; Frances Dearing, Assistant Dean of Assessment, Academic Support and Placement, Westchester Community College; and, Lanette Raymond, Research Associate, Suffolk County Community College. This session consisted of three individual PPT presentations, which can be accessed by clicking below:

"Creating Rubrics for the Assessment of General Education Mathematics (PPT)." Dr. Richard Jardine, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Keene State College.

"Critical Thinking and Scoring Guides: Defining Terms and Engaging Students (PPT)." Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey, Pearce Professor of Professional Communication, Clemson University.

"Assessing the SUNY Learning Outcomes: ETS' Solutions (PPT)." Dr. David G. Payne, Senior Executive Director, Client Relations, Educational Testing Service, and Patricia Connor, Director of Higher Education Initiatives, Educational Testing Service.

"SUNY Discipline Specific Panel on Basic Communication [Written]." Dr. Patricia Belanoff, Professor of English, Stony Brook University; Dr. Aniko V. Constantine, Distinguished Teaching Professor, English/Humanities, Alfred State College; Dr. Wayne Fulks, Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts, Sullivan County Community College; Dr. Jake Holden, Assistant Professor, English, Fulton-Montgomery Community College; Dr. P. Kathleen McCoy, Associate Professor of English, Adirondack Community College; Dr. Robert Moore, Professor of English, SUNY Oswego; and, Dr. Maria Palmara, Assistant Professor and Chair, English, Modern Languages, and English as a Second Language, Hudson Valley Community College. This session focused on the Writing Panel's draft rubrics, which can be accessed by clicking here (PDF).

"SUNY Discipline Specific Panel on Mathematics (PPT)." Mary Ann Faller, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Adirondack Community College; Ralph Bertelle, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, Columbia-Greene Community College; and, Dr. Jack Narayan, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Mathematics, SUNY Oswego. The latest draft of the Mathematics Panel's rubrics can be accessed by clicking here (PDF).

"SUNY Discipline Specific Panel on Critical Thinking [Reasoning] (PPT)." Dr. David A. Hunter, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Buffalo State College; Shir Filler, Instructor of English, North Country Community College; Dr. Gwen Crane, Associate Professor of English, SUNY Oneonta; Dr. Dorothy J. Laffin, Professor of Business Administration, Suffolk County Community College; Dr. James Schofield, Onondaga Community College; and, Dr. Hedva Lewittes, Associate Professor of Psychology, SUNY Old Westbury. The latest draft of the Critical Thinking Panel's rubrics can be accessed by clicking here (PDF).