The definition of Friendship.


Greetings and a warm welcome to the Friends of the Library at SUNY Cortland. The Friends of the Library program honors a special group of individuals who choose to financially support the heart of SUNY Cortland the Memorial Library. Members of the Friends group can include people from the community that surrounds SUNY Cortland, currently enrolled students, faculty, college staff librarians, library staff, emeritus faculty and staff, and SUNY Cortland alumni.

Donations to this program enhance Memorial Library in many ways:

  • Acquisition of new books, research and teaching materials.
  • Access to the latest electronic information including software and databases.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and computers.
  • Improvements to library structure and interior to provide superior study environments.

Your gift will also support the development of an information commons where students and faculty will have access to multi-media equipment, a host of on-line resources, and computing equipment for teaching and learning projects.

About the Memorial Library

The Building

Memorial Library The library at SUNY Cortland is in a beautiful building located at the highest point on campus. Nestled beside the city’s water towers and adjacent to the Rural Cemetery, the library provides a comfortable, resource-rich place for students to study, for faculty to conduct research, and for community to enhance their access to knowledge.

The book collection of 412,000 volumes is housed in four floors of the south wing. The periodicals collection of over 900 subscriptions is housed on third floor of the north wing. The Teaching Materials Center of the college library is a unique combination of curriculum laboratory and activity based library aimed at supporting the work of our pre-service teachers. These future teachers can interact with materials they are likely to encounter in the schools, work with children, and create their own curriculum materials.

When students, faculty and community need to take a break from their research, study, and reading, they can relax by looking at the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, or have some delicious coffee and food at The Bookmark Café.

The Web site

screen shot from the SUNY Cortland Library web site The library is also a virtual gateway to information. Using leading edge web-based and networked technologies, students and faculty have access to the world of information. Much of the work of research and study can be done from offices, residence halls and other remote locations. Many of the library’s services, such as inter-library loan, are available in this virtual place.

The Services

library student worker  working at a computer The library also provides an array of services to students, faculty, and students. Research and reference assistance, inter-library loan, and, instruction in computer and library information are part of the services offered. Programs include poetry readings, presentations by the college community, and, book readings.

As a Friend of the Library at SUNY Cortland, you become part of a group of engaged, interesting, and informed people dedicated to celebrating the world of books, reading and knowledge.