October 2, 2007


1. CALL TO ORDER:  The third meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2007-2008 was called to order at 1:10 PM on October 2, 2007 in Brockway Hall, Jacobus Lounge by Chair Karla Alwes.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: K. Alwes, B. Buxton, E.Mc Cabe, D. Berger, I. Jubran, K. Lawrence, N. Helsper, H. Botwinick, J. Shedd,

D. Miller, D. West, J. Reese, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, D. Harrington, A. Dahlman, T. Vigers, D., Ritchie, M. Ware, S. Snell, A. Marsh, C. Hahl, J. Riddoch, E. Bitterbaum, E. Davis-Russell, R. Franco, R. Peagler, J. Ford, McGuire, S. Anderson, M. Connell


SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT: J. Walkuski, T. Slack, B. Schecter, W. Shaut, G. Clarke


GUESTS PRESENT: G. Levine, H. Wilson, R. Olsson, M. Prus, G. Porter



The minutes from September 18, 2007 were approved.



There was a vote to approve the nominations from the Committee on Committees. (Approved) {SEE Appendix 1}


There was a vote to postpone a vote on the motion regarding cell phone policy in the classroom to the next meeting on October 16, 2007. (Approved) {SEE Appendix 2}



Chairwoman Alwes introduced and the newly elected Professional Senators, Diana Harrington and Amy Dahlman. 



B. Buxton – No report.



E. McCabe - no report  



D. Berger – No report.



President Bitterbaum gave a brief report.


H  Botwinick asked a question regarding the work in Old Main. He expressed his concern about the lack of ventilation in the building with hazardous chemicals being used, causing a potential health risk.


President Bitterbaum responded that he would do a follow up investigation on the matter and report back.


J. Governali asked the President a question regarding server access to WebCT being down over the weekend. Senator Governali made a suggestion that possibly the computing center could post a disclaimer on the SUNY Cortland Web Page alerting students. He felt that this would be useful so that student's attempting to sign on would know the problem was due to server difficulties on campus and not their own. 


President Bitterbaum offered to contact computing services and see what could be done.


Chairwoman Alwes reminded everyone regarding the upcoming forum on external peer review which will take place on October 4 from 3:30-5:00 in Sperry 105.


.K. Lawrence commended President Bitterbaum, Dean Porter and those responsible for the groundbreaking ceremony at the SUNY Cortland Child Care Center, which she felt was a wonderful public relations opportunity for the campus.




Long Range Planning Committee – Janet Ford, co-chair, no report.


Educational Policy Committee – Richard Kendrick, Chair – Donna West reported that the committee has met and Richard Kendrick has been elected chair.  Since they have not met since the last Senate meeting there is no new business.


Student Affairs Committee – M. Connell, Chair – No report.


Faculty Affairs Committee – G. Clarke, Chair -  No report (absent)


College Research Committee – No report.


General Education Committee – M. McGuire, Chair -  No report.




Committee on Committees -  E. McCabe, Faculty Senate Secretary, read the report for the Committee on Committees and asked for approval of the nominations{SEE Appendix 1}



There were no Area Senator's Reports.


XII. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – M. Ware – SUNY Senator Ware gave a brief report regarding the upcoming Plenary on our campus on October 25-27.



The students gave a brief report.



There was no old business.


XV. NEW BUSINESSK. Alwes distributed the motion regarding cell phone policy in the classroom from the Steering Committee and a lengthy discussion followed.  There was a vote to postpone the vote regarding the motion to the next meeting on October 16.  After the vote to postpone, which was approved, the chair suspended the rules for a final discussion regarding the make up of the Faculty Senate. 


Respectfully Submitted:


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they are submitted:


(1) Report from the Committee on Committees submitted by J. Barry, Chair.


(2) Motion regarding cell phone policy in classrooms submitted by K. Alwes on behalf of the Faculty Senate Steering Committee.



                                                                                        APPENDIX 1


                                           Committee on Committees – Report to the Faculty Senate

                                                                                October 2, 2007

                                                                           submitted by J. Barry, Chair


Item # 1


The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointment:


·    Patrick Donnelly representing Professional Staff on the Student Affairs Committee (2006-08 – complete unexpired term).


This appointment requires confirmation by the Faculty Senate.


Item # 2


The following committee vacancies still exist – nominations to Joanne Barry (via e-mail or phone, ext. 2302):


·    Professional Staff (another call has been issued because these are new vacancies):

o  College Curriculum Review Committee (2006-08 – complete unexpired term)

o  General Education Committee (2007-09)

·    Arts & Sciences (at large)

o  Committee on Teaching Awards (minimum 5 years teaching at Cortland – term runs Jan. through Dec.)

·    Education (at large)

o  Committee on Teaching Effectiveness (2004-08 – complete unexpired term)

o  Educational Policy Committee (2007-09)

·    Professional Studies (at large)

o  Committee on Teaching Effectiveness (2007-11)

·    Math/Science

o  Long Range Planning Committee (2007-10)

·    Social/Behavioral Sciences

o  Student Affairs Committee (2007-09)


Item # 3


Attached is the updated list of committees for 2007-08.    


                             FACULTY SENATE COMMITTEES, 2007-2008


                                                    Updated September 25, 2007



Faculty Senate Officers (Elected:  1 yr. Term) 2007-2008

·    Alwes, Karla                         Chair

Buxton, Bill                           Vice-Chair

          McCabe, Ellen                                   Secretary

          Berger, David                        Treasurer (no more than 2 successive terms)


Faculty Senate Steering Committee 2007-08

·    Alwes, Karla                          Chair

Buxton, Bill                            Vice-Chair

          McCabe, Ellen                                   Secretary

          Berger, David                        Treasurer (no more than 2 successive terms)

            Anderson, Steve                    Parliamentarian (appointed)

            Jordak, Ingrid                        06-07   Educational Policy Committee

            McGuire, Mary                      06-07   General Education Committee Chair

            Ford, Janet (co-chair)             06-07   Long Range Planning Committee Chair

            Sarver, Cynthia (co-chair)      06-07   Long Range Planning Committee Chair

            Clarke, Glen                           06-07 Faculty Affairs Committee Chair

            Connell, Mark                        06-07   Student Affairs Committee Chair


SUNY Senator  (Elected: 3 yr. term)

            Ware, Mary                            2006-09          At large


SUNY Senator – Alternate (Elected: 3 yr. term)

            Phillips, Tim                           2006-09          At large


Auxiliary Services Corporation (Elected:  3 yr. term) – (C. on C. does NOT run election for MC reps)

Steck, Henry                          2005-08          Academic/Professional Faculty

Urtz, Michael                         2005-08          Academic/Professional Faculty

Jordak, Ingrid                        2006-09          Academic/Professional Faculty

Patrick, Ben                           2007-10          Academic/Professional Faculty

Ritchie, David                                   2007-10          Academic/Professional Faculty

Barry, Joanne                         2007-08          m/c

Franco, Raymond                  2007-08          m/c

                   Shaut, William                                   2007-08          m/c


College Curriculum Review Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)    

            Meagher, Nancy                     2006-08          Math/Sci        

·    Benton, Cindy                                   2006-08          Education

_______________                 2006-08          Professional Staff

            Lawrence, Kathy                   2006-08          Fine Arts/Humanities

            Grantham, Regina                  2006-08          Professional Studies

Rayl, Susan                            2007-09          Professional Studies

            Harms, Daniel                        2007-09          Library

            Ouellette, Judith                    2007-09          Soc/Beh Sci

            Kelly, Michelle                                  2007-09          Education

            Barduhn, Marley                    Ex Officio      Assoc. Dean designee for Education

O’Callaghan, Jerry                             Ex Officio      Assoc. Dean designee for Arts &                   Sciences

Goldberg, Ray                                   Ex Officio      Assoc. Dean designee for                               Professional Studies 

Avery, Gradin                                               Ex Officio      Assoc. Provost, Enrollment                   Management & Curriculum

            _______________                 current            Student

            _______________                 current            Student



College Research Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term) [Qualifications: should have received grant from external funding or reviewed grants from an outside agency.]


Herrmann, Gretchen              2005-08          Library

Wisch, Barbara                      2005-08          Fine Arts/Humanities

            Ducey, Peter                          2006-09          Math/Sci

·    Hodges, Bonni                                  2006-09          Professional Studies

Kraebel, Kim                         2007-10          Soc/Beh Sci

            Klotz, Laurie                          2007-10          Professional Staff

Stratton, Susan                                  2007-10          Education

Henderson-Harr, Amy                                              Sponsored Programs [Ex Officio]

            Clarke, Glen                                                  Sponsored Programs [Ex Officio]



Committee on Committees (Elected: 2 yr. term)

Barclay, David                                  2006-08          Math/Sci

            Coffey, Kate                          2006-08          Professional Studies

            Ruoff, Hailey                         2006-08          Professional Staff

Kudela, Emilie                                   2006-08          Education

Conklin, Ron                         2007-09          Library

·    Barry, Joanne                         2007-09          M/C

Gascon, Christopher              2007-09          Fine Arts/Humanities

            Frank, Joshua                         2007-09          Soc/Beh Sci

            Kissel, Barbara                       Ex Officio      Faculty Senate designee

            Clark, Jason                            current            Student


Committee on Teaching Awards (Appointed: 3 yr. term/ term runs January through December)  (minimum 5 yrs. teaching at SUNY Cortland)


Knight, Denise                                              2007-09          Arts & Sciences           

            Benton, Cindy                                   2007-09          Education

Hodges, Bonni                                  2006-08          Professional Studies

_____________                     2006-08          Arts and Sciences

Alwes, Karla                          current            Faculty Senate Chair

            Levine, Virginia                     Ex Officio      President’s Office     

            _____________                     current            Student


Committee on Teaching Effectiveness (Appointed: 4 yr. term) (no consecutive terms)


                    __________________            2004-08   Education

Conklin, Patricia (pending)    2005-09          Math/Sci

            Vittoria, Ann                          2005-09          Soc/Beh Sci

Stearns, Karen                                   2006-10          Fine Arts/Humanities

__________________           2007-11          Professional Studies

__________________           current            Student         

__________________           current            Student

            __________________           current            Student


Educational Policy Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)

Zimmerman, Karen                2006-08          Arts & Sciences

                    Douglas, Gretchen                 2006-08          Library (complete unexpired term)

Anderson, Lynn                     2006-08          Professional Studies

            Jordak, Ingrid                        2006-08          Professional Staff

            West, Donna                          2006-08          Academic Faculty at large

Kelly, Michelle                                  2007-09          Education 

            __________________           2007-09          Education

·    Kendrick, Richard                 2007-09          Arts & Sciences

Ford, Janet                             2007-09          Professional Studies

Davis-Russell, Elizabeth        Ex Officio      Provost

Margine, Donna                     Ex Officio      Registrar

________________               Ex Officio      Graduate Faculty Executive Committee designee

            Dwyer, Melissa                      current            Student

            ________________               current            Student


Facilities and Master Plan Oversight Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term)

            Cottone, John                         2005-08          At Large


Faculty Affairs Committee (appointed: 2 yr. term) 

·    Clarke, Glen                           2006-08          Professional Staff

                  Bentley, Judy                         2006-08          Education

Jubran, Isa                              2006-08          Math/Sci

Melita, Lorraine                     2007-09          Library

            Walkuski, Jeff                                    2007-09          Professional Studies

            Moore, Edward                      2007-09          Fine Arts/Humanities

Collings, Raymond                2007-09          Soc/Beh Sci.

            Hahl, Casey                            current            Student

            Murphy, Amber                     current            Student


Faculty Representative to the Student Senate (Elected: 1 yr. term) (no more than 2 successive terms)

            Wright, Julian                         2007-08          At Large

            Tobin, Brian                           2007-08          At Large



General Education Committee (Elected: 2 yr. term)

Davidenko, Susana                2006-08          Education

West, Donna                          2006-08          Fine Arts/Humanities

·    McGuire, Mary                      2006-08          Soc/Beh Sci

            Hendrick, Joy                         2006-08          Professional Studies

Miller, David                         2006-08          Academic At Large

Alemzadeh, Jalal                    2006-08          Math/Sci

Conklin, Ron                         2007-09          Library

Worrell, Mark                        2007-09          Academic At Large

______________                   2007-09          Professional Staff

            ______________                   current            Student

            Aumann, Nancy                     ex officio        Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

            Prus, Mark                              ex officio        Dean of Arts & Sciences

            ______________                   ex officio        Institutional Research & Assessment


Long Range Planning Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term)

·    Ford, Janet (co-chair)             2005-08          Professional Studies

Skipper, William                    2005-08          Soc/Beh Sci

            VanderWoude, Peter             2005-08          Professional Staff

Ritchie, Dave                         2007-09*        Library

·    Sarver, Cynthia (co-chair)      2007-09*        Fine Arts/Humanities

Rombach, Kim                                  2007-10          Education

            _______________                 2007-10          Math/Sci

                   Meyers, Halie                         current            Student

            Rainsford, Margaret               current            Student


            *2-year term to align staggered terms more evenly


Student Affairs Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)

Patrick Donnelly (pending)   2006-08          Professional Staff

                   Trunfio, Tony                         2006-08          Professional Studies

            Smith, Brice                           2006-08          Math/Sci

                    Stearns, Karen                                   2006-08          Fine Arts/Humanities

·    Connell, Mark                                    2007-09          Library

            Summers, Pamela                   2007-09          Education

            __________________           2007-09          Soc/Beh Sci

            Meyers, Halie                         current            Student

            Ahern, Will                            current            Student


· Chair of Committee


                                                                       APPENDIX 2


Faculty Senate Resolution

October 2, 2007



WHEREAS the faculty have expressed concerns about students misusing cell

phones in the classrooms, causing the possibility of cheating and

disruption of the classrooms; and


WHEREAS the campus will be equipped with redundant systems such as

emergency speakers and building alarm systems;


BE IT THEREFORE resolved that faculty be allowed to continue to establish their own cell phone policies in the classroom.