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SUNY General Education Assessment Review Group

The Process

Initial Review

The primary purpose of the initial review by the GEAR group is to ensure that campus plans are comprehensive and rigorous. A fundamental evaluative criterion is the extent to which campuses demonstrate the correlation between their General Education assessment plan and the Implementation Guidelines developed by the Provost's Advisory Task Force on General Education in 1999.

Other criteria include the following four components of the plan:
  • Clearly-stated goals and objectives for the plan, including for the assessment of the learning outcomes delineated in the Implementation Guidelines;
  • The courses and activities that relate to, and are likely to result in, the achievement of the campus's programmatic goals and objectives;
  • Assessment measures and criteria to be utilized in determining the degree to which students are achieving the campus's programmatic goals and objectives; and
  • Campus procedures that exist for revising its General Education plan, should that be suggested by assessment results.
These criteria are in line with those required by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (SUNY's accrediting body) in its expectations for assessment.

GEAR receives and critiques campus assessment plans and approves those that meet the criteria established by the Task Force for effective assessment; campuses receive written notification of revisions that would likely lead to approval, as appropriate. GEAR places a strong emphasis on the extent to which campuses demonstrate they will use assessment results to improve their General Education programs, and has established a clear protocol, consistent with Task Force recommendations, for campuses to use to report assessment results in General Education to System Administration for the purpose of accountability.

Ongoing Review

After the initial review process, the GEAR group will review campus General Education assessment plans on a biennial, staggered basis, applying the same criteria as above, with greater emphasis on how campuses are using assessment data to improve their General Education programs.